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The year is 1972. In Istanbul. The month is March and the day is the thirteenth of March. A new hope arose for the life of blind individuals and those whose sight is weak. A new hope in the midst of the darkness that keeps them in their villages, houses, rooms and their own desperateness and the darkness of lack of education. The SIX DOTS FOUNDATION FOR THE BLINDS was founded.

Year 1971. The Cabinet passed the Tax Exemption.

Year 1972. The building of the Foundation was built and started operation following the campaign initiated by Abdi İPEKÇİ, who was a founding member of the Foundation and the editor-in-chief of daily Milliyet.

Year 1974. The EMİRGAN SIX DOTS FOUNDATION FOR THE BLINDS REHABILITATION CENTER started operation with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health. Hence the hope started to flow from İstanbul to all corners of the country.

Year 1984. The Mobile Screening Teams began Eye screenings in Primary schools under the Public Health and Prevention of Blindness activities.

Year 1985. The Braille and Cassette Book Libraries were opened with the contributions of Beşiktaş Lions Club. This was one of the initial steps for the birth of new horizons to enrich the education and cultural life of blind individuals.

Year 1989. As a result of the Protocol signed, the Rehabilitation Services started to be run with the SHÇEK.

Year 1990. The Foundation Eye Polyclinic started to serve the public with its Specialized Doctors and low-price examinations.

Year 1998. The Zeki AKKÖK Massage Unit was opened. Hence another hope emerged for the employment of blind individuals. This start meant the training of 47 people, most of whom were found employment so far.

Year 2000. The Sports and Social Facilities were opened to enable the blind individuals to do sports and to contribute to the education of blind individuals.

Year 2004. The DIGITAL LIBRARY FOR BLINDS, which was constructed in the memory of the mother of Foundation Trustees' Board member and Executive Board General Secretary Ms. Oya SEBÜK, Perihan Esen MİNKARİ, was opened. Hence the blind individuals will be able to benefit from the latest developments in technology and a new hope will arise in their educational and cultural lives.

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