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Gain entry to the European Union the legal rights of blind people in the process, providing information on practices in our country and in Europe and the EU funded "for the Visually Impaired Information and Communication Project" in 2007,

Employee or employable young visually impaired people, visually impaired, and those institutions which employ other employees for corporate executives in the field of industrial organizational psychology, educational content applications developed and pilot training in various private sector companies, Sabanci Foundation-funded "Business Life Integration Project for Visually Handicapped Children" 2009 in

Overcoming the problems encountered in social and business life, the young visually handicapped tranferini information between the visually impaired elderly, aimed at bringing the EU funded "Intergen: Intergenerational Transfer of Knowledge Project" in 2010,

Seeing the disabled and distance education in the field of computer science and internet entrepreneurship education in our country which is the first application, the EU funded "Gaining Visibility Computer Project" was completed in 2011.

Points Association of Blind Antalya Branch, funded by the EU carried out by the project as a partner, including research related to accessibility, "Publicity and More Accessibility for the Visually Impaired Project" in 2012,

Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) provided by the fund, which aims to make research on technologies to facilitate life for the visually impaired, "Visually Handicapped Daily Living and Education Participation Project" was completed in 2012.

Visually impaired call center operator training distance education aimed at giving young people Usak University, conducted by the Vocational School of Distance Education, the project as a partner, "Distance Education System and the Vocational Training Project for Visually Impaired Individuals" was completed in 2012

İŞKUR funded by the visually impaired which aims to educate call center operator "Computerized Call Center Operator Project", was completed in 2013

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