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INTERGEN: Adult Training Project between Young and Aged Visually Impaired People

The project, which aims at ensuring the information transfer between the young visually impaired people and aged visually impaired people in overcoming the problems which are encountered in social and business life, is maintained under the leadership of European Foundations for the Blind. Turkey partners of the project, which is being implemented in Italy, Germany and France at the same moment, are Six Points Foundation for the Blind and Turkish Foundation for the Blind.

A training book is formed by the European Foundation for the Blind with the data obtained from the seminars which are organized in the coverage of the project completed. This book, which is titled “Handbook of Methods for the Skills to be Developed and Organization and Performance of Workshop study with the information sharing among the visually impaired people”, is prepared in English and then translated into the languages of the partners including Turkish (German, Italian and French) and placed in the website. The name of our Foundation is mentioned in each press announcement and event performed by the European Foundation for the Blind relating to this project.

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