Project of Integration of Visually Impaired People into Business Life
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Project of Integration of Visually Impaired People into Business Life

“Project of Integration of Visually Impaired People into Business Life” becomes one of 5 projects which are decided to be supported with the selection which is made among about 800 applications by Sabancı Foundation.
Six Points Foundation for the Blind and Turkish Psychologists Foundation realized information seminars for the managers and employees in the organizations where the visually impaired people shall be employed in the coverage of this project.
The education content is developed on the industrial organizational psychology area as directed at the experts and researchers relating to this subject, young visually impaired people who are employed or able to be employed, managers of the organizations which employ the visually impaired people and the other employees of these organizations by means of this project.
In addition to this, two pilot training seminars are performed with the employees and authorized officers of the companies which are situated in Istanbul and then, according to the results of the pilot applications, some information seminars are organized as directed at the target audience, related public organizations and related NGOs in Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep and Istanbul and the necessary information materials are prepared for the purpose of employment of the impaired/handicapped people and distributed properly.
A TV spot is prepared and broadcasted in the national channels. 
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