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History of the Six Dots Foundation for the Blinds 

The foundation was founded by 34 real and 12 legal persons for the education, rehabilitation, employment of blind individuals, increasing their efficiency, to prevent blindness and create an awareness among the public about their problems.

The foundation gained its legal identity on March 13, 1972. The tax exemption was recognized by the Cabinet decision dated 26/11/1971, no. 7/9492.

The foundation distributes foldable white walking stick, Braille lettering tablet and nail pen to meet the needs of all blind individuals in Turkey free of charge. Besides, lettering tablets and pens are provided for the use of blind individuals that are in need.

During the establishment of the foundation, the Rehabilitation Center for Blinds was constructed on the land, for which the usage rights were obtained for 30 years from teh İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and the education for blind individuals aged 18 to 35 years started on March 11, 1974, under the protocol signed with the Ministry of Health on 17/3/1973.

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