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Abacus (Mathematics) Training

Abacus (Mathematics) Training

The primary aim in this training is to develop the concepts of number, length, weight, volume and geometric shapes. The aim is to teach the visually impaired individuals to use the abacus with their fingers in the resolution of the simple mathematical problems encountered by them in the daily life with certain techniques and enable them to reach the accurate and speedy answers. The brain development is supported with the establishment of connections between the finger skills gained and the brain, concentration is increased and contribution is aimed to other basic and vocational applications, laying the groundwork for them. In other words, the aim is to teach the visually impaired individuals basic mathematics to use the abacus in order to solve the numerical problems encountered in the daily life.

The abacus education also enables the visually impaired individuals to make a transition from concrete thinking to abstract thinking.

Every visually impaired should be educated!

The educated visually impaired is no longer blind!

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