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Massage Training

Massage Training

The first institution that gives the blinds the masseur training in Turkey is the Six Dots Foundation for the Blinds and the Rehabilitation Center. Following the 5.5-month basic education, the visually impaired individuals that are selected by the trainers get one-year masseur training. This is a training program that includes around 1000 hours of theoretical and practical training.

The "Zeki Akkök Massage Training Section" was opened in 1998. The visually impaired individuals that complete the training program successfully are given the SHÇEK / MINISTRY OF EDUCATION approved certificates.

Massage is one of the easiest ways of becoming more fit, reaching a better health level and keeping this level. One of the behaviors that are in us since our birth is to massage our hurting shoulder or relaxing our flexed muscles. We usually need one basic tool to ease our headache, tension, stress and pains: Our hands.

The number of medical studies proving the usefulness of touching, which is the basis of massage, is increasing.

Our need for physical contact is not solely limited with our childhood. Throughout our lives, our need for love, warmness and confidence usually go hand-in-hand with the need for touching.

The aims of the Six Dots Foundation for the Blinds Massage Training Program are;

Theoretical and practical methods are used in the Massage Training Program. First of all, the human anatomy is taught, through teaching the structure of bones, muscles and nerves and their connections through making them touch the skeleton. The structure and functioning of the organs are taught physiologically. In functional anatomy, the functions, exit and connection points of the muscles that are needed in the massage application are taught both theoretically and practically.

In practice, the information that can be used throughout their lives are also taught alongside the technical information. First aid and professional ethics (deontology) are among these. Through first-aid issues, the students are enabled to be useful both to themselves and the people around them and make the necessary interventions when needed. With the deontology course, the student learns to respect the profession and how to behave in the professional life in the job to be given at the end of the course.

At the end of the 12-month course, the students are tested with theoretical and practical examinations in line with the information they got. If they are successful, they are awarded the Course Completion Certificate. They make their internship in the physical therapy and rehabilitation departments of hospitals, sports clubs and sports centers of the hotels. At the end of the internship, they are assisted to find a job in the same fields.

In the SIX DOTS FOUNDATION FOR THE BLINDS, the classical relaxation massage service is provided, alongside this training, by Specialist Masseurs, to enable the customers to have a health life, in a hygienic and tranquil environment and with very low prices.

Among the 46 visually impaired masseurs that were awarded the certificate so far, 40 of them were employed in hospitals, nursing homes and spas, and 4 were employed in the foundation as deputy masseur trainer.

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